3 lakes exclusively yours.

At EMV, your weeks holiday includes 3 lakes, on a secure site. The freedom to roam, No one to bother you unless you need help. Our experienced fishery manager has helped to build the site with the owners and knows the property and site inside out.

You can just concentrate on the house lake carp, but go and have a picnic on the middle lake and float fish for carp? or walk or drive around to the cat lake and test your skill and nerve against some real monsters!  wander the grounds with the children looking for all manner of birds and wildlife and just tune out from the fast pace of life. 

House lake

This tranquil 3 acre lake was dug and damned in the 1960’s as a fish farm. The lake was fed by a stream up until 2015 when we finally were granted permission to divert the feed allowing us to have the lake officially classified as a closed water. This allows the lake to be fished 365 days of the year 24 hours a day without a permit. Since being granted this permission we have carried out massive improvements to ensure the fish have the best environment to grow.

With a modern silt drain “vidange” and overflow in place and a spring feed the water quality has been drastically improved. We also removed 27 huge poplar trees from the left bank to install the ditch and also reduce the huge amount of acidic leaf matter and improve light.

The Winter of 2015 saw the lake emptied, all fish moved. The lake was dug out where possible and then heavily limed to reduce silt and improve water clarity. Our on going works will see the lake level dropped and the lake netted of all silver fish and small carp every Winter.

Download Map of the Lake


Cat fish lake

This dedicated cat fish lake is over the bridge from the cat corner on past the middle carp lake and EMV lake. This lake is around 3 acres with a large spit island. There are 10 cats up to 190 lbs. 

This is a stunning lake and comes with EMV lake for 2018. if you are a serious cat fish angler wanting accommodation by the lake then this offers it all in the north west of france in the Mayenne area.


Middle carp lake


This lake is around 2 acres and just over the stream from EMV house lake.

A pretty reed lined lake with 2 small islands, there is access all round and in complete tranquility. There is a stocking of new fish from 2018 and the high teens and low 20’s from EMV house lake go in here too. Just a nice chilled space to float fish for pretty fish.