How to Get Here

Etang Maison Verre

Haut Tremezeau
Pays de la loire
53320 Saint-Cyr-le-Gravelais

General Information on Driving

Etang Maison Verre is set in the most beautiful Pays de la Loire countryside on the border of Brittany within easy driving distance from St Malo, Cherbourg and Caens.

Etang Maison Verre
Haut Tremezeau
Pays de la loire
53320 Saint-Cyr-le-Gravelais


Try and stop on the hard shoulder as far to the right as possible. Put your hazard lights on and find the nearest emergency phone (there should be one every two kilometres). The calls are free and go straight through to the police who will send an approved mechanic who will try to fix the problem or arrange to tow you to a garage. We would always recommend that you arrange breakdown cover in England before you leave for your holiday.

Speed Limits

  • Motorways: 80 mph (130 kph
  • Dual carriageways: 68 mph (110 kph)
  • Urban stretches of road: 68 mph (110 kph)
  • Built up areas: 31 mph (50 kph)

Telephone Numbers

The telephone number for emergency services from a mobile is 112 and 15 from a landline.

Download Maps

Filling Up

As in England service station fuel prices vary and are usually much more expensive on the motorway. Do always keep some euros with you as not all will accept UK credit cards. Most stations have shops with snacks, drinks, maps etc.

Some but not all service stations will have toilets and baby facilities and are usually well kept.

you will find the orange SOS telephones every two kilometres along motorways and in the larger ‘aires’ (areas for motorists to rest, picnic and relax).

  • Toutes Directions = All Direction
  • Gauche = Left
  • Droite = Right

Please note

  • Carrying a warning triangle in France is compulsory and must be displayed after an accident or breakdown.
  • It is now also compulsory to carry a first aid kit and fluorescent yellow jackets for all passengers in case of breakdown.
  • Watch the speed limits, remember in France it is in kilometres, there are regular police patrols, with heavy on
    the spot fines.