Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to some frequently asked questions, or feel free to contact us if you would like to find out more about Etang Maison Verre.
How deep is the lake is the house lake?

One end of the lake is approx 3 feet deep at its shallowest and the other end is 8 ft deep at its deepest nearest the vidange.

How big are the fish in the house lake? (as of 2020)

Mirror carp to 44lb, Common carp over 41lb, two Grass Carp over 35lb,  Sturgeon to 15lb,

Can we use the “Fisherman’s shed” that's shown on the map?

Yes, this shed is very handy for socials, The hut has mains electric and water, a bait fridge and freezer, kettle.  don’t over-look the shed if you are fishing early or late in the season as it can get cold and the shed is warm, dry and in a great spot to fish from.

How private is the property?

Very, two miles from a village, along a country road and down a dead end farm track, at the end of the lane some double five bar locked gates allow you to enter and lock the gates behind you, the grounds of the estate are surrounded by tall trees providing very private fishing or holidaying but with access to the local town for shopping etc. We own the around 9 areas of land with the 3 lakes. Both entrances to the cat fish lake and carp (house lake) are gated and locked.

Are unhooking mats and nets provided?

Yes, we supply large Floating carp slings,, 42″ inch deep nets, padded unhooking mats, Monster carp Nash cradles. No other nets or handling gear to be brought on to site. 

What bait do you suggest we bring along?

If you are fishing for the Carp or Catfish I would suggest a good quality pellet which we supply saving you the hassle, I would also suggest you purchase our home-made Boilies from CC Moore base. 


How often do you feed the fish with your Carp pellets/Boilie?

At least one 25kg sack every week, a lot more in the summer, depending on the weather conditions in the winter this will be reduced if necessary, i.e. hard frost or ice. we feed extruded boilie in the Winter and fallow weeks.

Do you feed every week in the summer?
No, if we have guests fishing the lake we don’t feed the fish as they normally end up putting a lot of their own bait in to keep the fish feeding.
Are there any areas of silt and if so how much?

The lake bed is mostly silt and clay, The edges of the lake are firmer and the fish tend to patrol the tree lined left bank and under the road bank as this is undermined some way. . Several patches of hard gravel bottom can be found, one good patch is under the hanging branches of the first big tree at the end of the dam wall and another under the last big Oak on the same bank, I will leave you to find the rest.


Is the Lake stream fed?

No The lake has now been closed, to allow all year round fishing legally in our area. 

How often will the bailiff visit the lake when we are fishing?
I have instructed the bailiff to use his discretion, this will depend on several factors such as whether you have stayed with us before, age and genre of guests, Carp, Cat or coarse fishing.
is there a hot tub/ Spa? Yes, a 6 seater hot tub comes with the booking. right by the lake and house
Can we use a bait boat?
Yes, most of the areas can be reached without a bait boat but it is handy in the summer for getting under the overhanging branches of some of the trees.
Will a rowing boat be provided?

No as it is not required as I felt it would be to dangerous for any children staying with their parents.

What cooking facilities are there and what do I need to bring?

The house has a gas range cooker and 6 burner hob, Microwave, dishwasher and fully fitted out kitchen.

Whilst bedding and tea towels are provided, towels are provided too

Where are the closest shopping facilities?
Le Pertre is a pretty village built around a medieval church and hosts an array of

The larger town of Laval is only 10 miles from the cottage and is famous as one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the area. It has a Carrefour hypermarket along with many other shops. A useful website is There is also an ‘Intermarche’ at nearby Argentre du Plessis, and a ‘Hyper U’ at Vitre, also a beautiful medieval town with a castle, lots of shops and an indoor public swimming pool.

Are we likely to see any wildlife at the lake?
Yes, resident hedgehog family behind the cottage, very tame squirrels that have been known to enter the cottage in search of nuts, small deer can sometimes be seen drinking from the lake very early in the morning.