EMV Middle lake, carp water


This lake is around 2 acres and just over the stream from EMV house lake. You walk along the house lake bank, past the fishermans hut, then on to cat corner where there is a bridge to traverse the stream and enter in to the middle lake area. the cat lake is then another 100m poast the middle lake.

A pretty reed lined lake with 2 small islands, there is access all round and in complete tranquility. There is a stocking of new fish from 2018 and the high teens and low 20’s from EMV house lake go in here too. Just a nice chilled space to float fish for pretty fish. There are also some original wild carp that came with the lake.

A lovely lake or around 2 acres. You can walk all the way around and stalk in the side channel with small island. There is a lovely little area by the larger island with apple and pear trees, a great spot for a picnic and afternoon nap! 

We have stocked the lake with around 25 carp as well as some of the smaller carp from the house lake nettings. the ability to catch a 20Ib fish on a float rod with no one else turning up, casting in your swim. floater fish in peace and tranquilty. 

This lake allows you to reel in should you wish and rest the main lake, just go for a walk and take in the silence! nothing but bird song.

Andy Wells, visited twice as family in 2019

What an amazing place. We had the best week as a family. The accommodation was superb. Clean, luxurious and with all the amenities. I caught 22 carp and 4 sturgeon only fishing evening sessions.
Cannot recommend highly enough we will be back next year