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By reading EMV's story we hope you can truly appreciate the effort put in.
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How it all started …

EMV opened in late June 2018: An overnight success opening to rave reviews! well rewind back to April 2011, and us purchasing the place. Then you will see this very special little place as you see now, was far from complete!!

Welcome to The about us page on EMV. This gives you a chance to get to know a bit more about me the Owner Billy Rogers and my Lake complex called Etang Maison Verre. or EMV. This stands for Glass house lake, and that is how I came across a bit of a run down house with single pane plate glass!! to 2 sides.. I came to fish here in Autumn 2010. My Partner Andrea and I just loved what EMV offered. Pure tranquil peace and quiet with a lovely little lake in front of the house. The place was for sale and in need of lots of work. It also was operating illegally but would be a short fix as I was told if I just cut down some trees and add a ditch!! Well, 5 years of French authorites issues and wrangles ensued. cutting down 27 huge poplars on the left bank. installing a stream and water divertion on the left bank and masses of other work on the lake. And thats before the renovation of the house!! BUT THE JOY of finally being able to get the place signed off with the all important “closed water” meaning legal 24 hour 365 fishing, Not all lakes actually have this….

We opened late June 2018 to only 8 bookings that year. 2019 has seen us fully booked in our first year!! With 2020 half filled at the end of Jue 2019 as i write this. IT HAS NOT BEEN AN OVERNIGHT SUCCESS!!!

The key elements to EMV I feel are understanding the needs of the client. Just being a ‘fisherman’ isn’t enough when you are selling a weeks holiday to partners, families and groups of friends. My business in the U.K is in the industry of building classic vw  bespoke camper vans and working with clients to their exacting needs, we have the skills and knowledge again preened from this business to offer the same experience at EMV. I have to be highly organised when building someones dream camper and this is the same case with EMV.

I feel the key to EMV now and for the future is that we started with something special, and have really transformed the lake, land and fish. With the renovation of the house finished in 2018 being the cherry on the top.

luck also plays a factor, We knew of 2 lakes next to EMV when we purchased the site, and over the years caught a glimpse of an elderly Couple in the grounds. A chance meeting in 2016 lead to the couple offering us the chance to buy their little slice of paradise. The couple were both in their late 80’s and with no children it was time to sell. The couple loved what we had done to EMV grounds and felt it was meant to be. The site was originally one and is now reunited as per August 2017.  This place was literally their little slice of Country life away from City living. Summer picnics and breeding ducks. Lots of Ducks judging by the amount of pens and wire on the islands, it was Altcatraz for Ducks it seems! now we have put carp in the middle lake and some monster cats from EMV in the top lake.

The other key thing I feel is paramount in business, surrounding yourself with successful people, EMV does not stand alone. We are working in connection with other lake owners in the area and the best team of contractors and lake builders. I am not a fishery expert but these boys are!! with their help we are building a bright future for the glass house lake.  We do hope you want to share this with us?

every Winter we have plans a foot and take on board any constructive views clients have.

Best Wishes

Billy Rogers and Andrea Surman (the long suffering better half)