About the Fish

The house lake hadn’t been fished nor fed properly prior to our purchase in 2011. The lake didn’t have the correct “closed water” classification.  We have created a feeding programme since netting, removing all fish and draining the lake. All fish were taken to holding pens, selected by weight and age. Only young fish with potential were returned .

We removed over 1.5 tonne of cat fish, retaining only 7 cats over 50lb which are now in our MV cat lake next door along with 2 monster cat fish both around 200 lbs. We now have 100 carp all over 25lb.

The house lake has received 2 stockings in Winter 2016 and 2017. in total 53 virgin fish were introduced from a highly respected source with proven weight gains. All fish were 12-14 kg fish so all mid to high twenties. We now have 100 carp all over 25lb in our EMV house lake.

Our intensive lake care has seen the lake limed every year and the fish are fed 50kg a week in the Winter of quality pellet.There is a good mix of pretty mirror, common, and 3 grass carp as well as 2 Sturgeon that are both over 25 lbs. We net the lake every Winter and remove all silver fish and have nets in place to remove as many yearling carp as possible,

The lake has been fished a handful of times in the last 5 years.. Spring 2018 has seen some very nice fish showing themselves around the lake.