EMV's Lodge was a tad more basic when we purchased in 2011

Though of excellent sound construction the decor wasn't too flash!

We really could see the potential with this place from our first visit. Having an existing house on a lake is a real bonus infact paramount if you want to offer something better than a caravan clad in wood.. planning in France is just as hard as the U.K contrary to popular belief. 

How the place looked on our first trip 2010

The stunning little lakeside house we now have started off as someones Holiday home on an old carp farm. Built in the 60’s. Oak and stone construction. But just freezing in Winter and roasting in Summer!! oh and very basic fit out

Apres Ski?

Though cosy the interior was somewhat 70’s ski lodge!

Not the most inviting of rooms.. no sex we're British!!

From the moment you opened the door to the house the damp “church” smell was evident. Tuck yourself in to one of these little beds..

Friday nights bath night!

have a nice soak in the bath… Hmmm perhaps when I get home!!

Stay awake to keep the fire going!

Our first trip to emv was on October 2010 as paying guests. With no heating other than the fire it was chilly at night..

Tad basic

The decor was basic at best and the strangest room behind the sofa bed, taller than it was long!!