2018 Reviews from our opening year

The Calladines 15/08/18 A couple with only 1 fishing days.

Sad to say just back from EMV.Could have stayed longer but someone else is going to enjoy the stunning property and beautiful lake setting.

Everything you could wish for is on the site. Managed to land 19 carp to 33 lb and 2 sturgeon to 32.Didn’t fish nights and visited local sites so the fishing is relatively straightforward.

Used bait boat to get under overhanging bushes but clipped up and fished to margins when possible.Would recommend using 20 mm boilies to attract the larger fish and house pellets to feed.

The accommodation is first class with open plan layout and fabulous views over the pretty lake.   Thanks to all concerned.Phil and Jan.

The Oswells, 3 adults and 2 children 11/08/18

Had a great week at a lovely venue. Thank you very much.

Need to give ourselves a few weeks to get sorted but the general consensus is that we would like to return next year.Please find a few photos attached, I will send you over a few more and a catch report later in the week.

Biggest fish were a 31lb sturgeon, and a 31lb carp.We named the 20lb sturgeon Steve as he kept hammering one of our party (steve) and I think he even came out 3 times in one day.

House is amazing, location brilliant and it was perfect for the boys.

Thanks again.Cheers,

Thomas Rice and Partner 28/07/18

Fab! Just stayed here for a week with my partner and had a great time!

Glasshouse is beautiful overlooking the lake.

Went and done a few day trips out and spent the rest of the time chilling in the sun by the lake with the rods out, even caught my first proper big carp here – chuffed!

You must go and stay here, you’ll love it